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Release Notes

Stay up-to-date with Mapme’s new features and product improvements

New – February 17, 2020
List view bypass – Categories with only one location bypass the list view and open directly the location view

New – February 2, 2020
Custom map layers – Use the powerful custom map layers to add drawings to your map

New – January 25, 2020
Non-interactive markers – Set markers to be non-clickable.

New – January 20, 2020
Embed code generator – Customize the embed code with advanced settings that suit your needs.

Improved – December 28, 2020
Publish, embed and sharing – Streamlined the user interface to publish, embed, and share maps

New – December 15, 2020
Categories subset – Share your map with different categories subset

New – December 13, 2020
Show all location labels – Always display the labels for all locations visible on the map.

Improvement – November 30, 2020
Media thumbnails – Media thumbnails open in the cards instead of the gallery. Double click opens the galery.

New – November 29, 2020
Basemap language selection – Change the map’s label language. Select from a broad selection of languages.

New – October 26, 2020
Mobile experience customization – Select which view to display when the user opens the location content on mobile

New – October 25, 2020
GPX and KML import – Add line and shape drawings with GPX and KML files import

New – October 13, 2020
New mobile design – Complete redesign of the portrait mode for mobile devices provides a native-like apps experience

New – October 12, 2020
Category view – Create custom views for your categories. Set custom zoom level, pitch, bearing, and center.

New – October 6, 2020
Location Status filter – Select locations based on status. Available status filters are “New”, “Draft”, and “Published”

New – September 13, 2020
Geosearch – The geosearch finds locations based on full or partial addresses, zip code, city names, or place names.

New – September 1, 2020
Overview and filtered views markers override – For maps with multilevel categories, set which marker is displayed on the map overview and filtered views.

New – July 28, 2020
Marker clustering – Provide a better visual experience for map users. Combine markers in close proximity with cluster markers.

New – July 28, 2020
Marker resizing

New – July 26, 2020
Text markers – Create markers with text content. Use uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, spaces, and symbols. Up to 30 characters.

Improved – July 1, 2020
Multilevel categories – Generate automatically the category “Others” when locations are assigned to parent category only

Improved – July 1, 2020
Youtube video – Added seek slider and current/duration time to the Youtube video player

New – June 28, 2020
GraphQL API – With the new Mapme API, you can programmatically access and modify your MapMe maps via our GraphQL API.

New – June 4, 2020
Limit map viewing area, zoom and pitch – Restrict map boundaries, zoom level range and pitch on your map

New – June 1, 2020
Custom print resolution – Generate image files with a custom resolution of your choice

Improved – May 27, 2020
Youtube video – Youtube videos are autoplaying. Visitors can choose to mute/unmute as well as expand the video to the media gallery.

New – May 6, 2020
Marker Override – Override all the markers displayed on the map with a unique marker

Improvement – May 1, 2020
Marker display rule – Display all the location markers in a category based on zoom range level

New – May 1, 2020
Line and shape style editor – Customize the style of the lines and shapes that you draw on your maps

Improvement- April 24, 2020
Media file support – Added support for webm video format, m4a audio format, and webp images

New – April 8th, 2020
Path style editor – Customize the style of the lines that connect markers

New – March 15th, 2020
Multilevel categories – Organize your locations on a map with nested categories, parents and subcategories

New – February 2th, 2020
PDF documents – Add PDF documents to your interactive maps locations

Improvement – January 16th, 2020
Search – New map search algorithm returns the most useful results sorted by order of relevancy

New – December 5th, 2019
Unsupported browsers landing page – When a map is loaded with an unsupported browser, a page with links to update the browser is displayed to the user.

New – November 11th, 2019
Category filter in editor – A new dropdown filter in the editor lets you view the locations by categories

New – November 11th, 2019
Sort locations in categories – Easily sort locations within a category. Select the category in the filter and drag the locations to change their orders.

New – November 11th, 2019
Category numbering – Use numbering within categories

New – November 11th, 2019
Hide locations – Hide locations from the map without deleting them

New – November 11th, 2019
Category visibility mode – Choose if you want a category to be included in the legend or always visible

Improvement – October 15th, 2019
Media gallery – Redesign of the media gallery

Improvement – October 8th, 2019
Autoplay mode – Display your map In autoplay mode. Your map will automatically advance from one location to the other.

Improvement – September 22th, 2019
Print any map view – Generate a high-resolution image file of any map views such as categories and locations.

New – September 14th, 2019
Add custom map styles – Add in your Mapme account, custom map styles created with editors like Mapbox Studio or Maptiler.

New – July 31th, 2019
Show or hide drawings – Show or hide your drawings (shapes and lines) based on triggers (New Mapme)

New – July 31th, 2019
Override category markers – Override category markers for specific locations with custom markers (New Mapme)

New – July 15th, 2019
Layout Styles – Choose which content items and which image styles are displayed

New – July 15th, 2019
New Mapme beta – The New Mapme beta is now available in all accounts.

Improvement – March 15th, 2019
Options Settings – The new user interface let map creators easily select between the different settings available in the Mapme editor.

Improvement – January 31th, 2019
Show or hide the content panelShow or hide the content panel when the map first opens. Control is available for portrait and landscape mode.

Improvement – January 28th, 2019
Duplicate of map with categories – Map duplication (cloning) is now also available for map with categories

Improvement – January 16th, 2019
Performance Improvement – Map loading time has been significantly decreasing especially for maps with a high number of locations

New – January 16th, 2019
Action button in overview – Add an action button in the map overview

New – December 31th, 2018
High Quality Printing – Generate high-resolution images of your maps that are suitable for high-quality printing.

New – December 24th, 2018
Editor Redesign – The new editor design lets you work faster and navigate easier.

New – October 10th, 2018
Marker display order – Control the order in which markers are displayed on the map

New – September 27th, 2018
Location autofillQuickly create new maps by reusing the content of existing locations in your account

Improved – September 4th, 2018
More basemap stylesAdded 2 new basemaps styles, Le Shine and Heads-up

Improved – August 21st, 2018
Team member invitation – Add new team members to your account with the improved invitation process

New – August 18th, 2018
Halo and popup colorCustomize the color of the halo and pop-up for image markers

Improved – August 8th, 2018
Custom CSS Editor Customize your map with the new in-page Custom CSS editor

Improved – August 6th, 2018
Category for list layout style – add support for categories with the list layout style

New – July 16th, 2018
Display of non-categorized locationsControl when non-categorized locations are displayed on maps with categories

Improved – July 11th, 2018
Autoplay Customize the playback speed fort the autoplay mode

Improved – July 9th, 2018
Import  – ADD and SYNC options are now available for imports to  maps with existing data

New – June 11th, 2018
Archive maps – Archive maps that you don’t use anymore. The map is unpublished and the live version is not visible anymore. The map data stays available in the editor.

New – June 8th, 2018
Disable Preview – Disable the real-time preview when working with a large number of locations in order to increase the speed of the editor.

New – May 19th
Custom HTML – Add HTML to the overview and sections descriptions. Add colors, advanced styling, buttons and more.

New – May 13th, 2018
Marker display based on Zoom level  – Show or hide markers based on zoom level range

Improved – April 15th, 2018
Dashboard  – The new dashboard makes it easy to sort and find the map you and your team are working on.

New- April 15th, 2018
Search  – Add search to your interactive map to enable your visitors to quickly and easily discover your map content.

Improved – March 21th, 2018
Action Button  – Choose how to open the Action Button link. The options are new tab, same tab, modal.

Improved – March 15th, 2018
Improved Accessibility  – Support for alternative text for Image and key navigation

Improved – March 15th, 2018
Custom CSS upload – Upload your custom CSS files

New – March 11th, 2018
Upload video – Upload and stream your own video files for each location on the map

Improved – March 11th, 2018
Image cover for integrated media – Add an image cover on your integrated media

New – March 7th, 2018
Custom Map URLs – Customize your map URL with a user-friendly name

New – February 25th, 2018
Multiple Category Selection – Select one or multiple categories and use advanced filters

Improved – February 12th, 2018
Expand Map View Editor – Expand the map view editor to make it easier to draw shapes and lines on your map

Improved – February 9th, 2018
Social Sharing ImageScreenshots are now automatically generated as the default social sharing image

NEW – January 31th, 2018
Image gallery zoom – Zoom images with gesture on touch screen

NEW – January 28th, 2018
Marker Editor – Provide amazing customization options such as marker shape, marker size, marker content size and support animated gifs markers.

NEW – December 20th, 2017
Multiple Categories per location – Assign multiple categories to a single location

NEW – December 7nd, 2017
Import Export – Import new locations. Mass update existing locations. Export your map data.

NEW – December 2nd, 2017
Bullets and numbering – Added bullets and numbered list formatting in descriptions

NEW – November 10th, 2017
Category and Filters – Create categories and assign your locations to categories, Easily filter the map by categories

Improved – November 10th, 2017
Navigation Bar – The navigation bar for large screens has been redesigned. A new index indicates the position of the card. The cards can be minimized to allow for full map access.

NEW – October 18th, 2017
Integrated Media – Add advanced interactive media like 3D, 360 and VR on your map. Supported services include Matterport Space, Sketchup 3D model and Youtube 360-degree videos.

NEW – September 29th, 2017
Zoom level indicator – the zoom level (1 to 22) is now displayed in the Location View Editor in order to provide better control of the zoom level for each location

NEW – September 28th, 2017
Overlay for Embed – Option to add an overlay when the map is embedded in order to prevent scrolling issues

NEW – August 26th, 2017
New map style – Added 5 new map styles to select from in the map style gallery (Standard, Decimal, North Star, Terminal, Vintage).

NEW- August 16th, 2017
Image Gallery on mobile – When multiple images and/or videos are available, they are now being displayed in a gallery

IMPROVED- August 6th, 2017
Hide slider In the slider layout, choose to show it hide the horizontal slider.

NEW- August 3rd, 2017
3 New map Style Added 3 new beautiful map style to the map style gallery

IMPROVED- July 21th, 2017
Embed Code The new embed code simplifies the embed process and provides more flexibility.

NEW – June 27th
Animated GIF – Use animated GIFS in your story maps

NEW – June 15th
Landscape view on mobile  – Added support for landscape view on mobile

NEW – June 12th
Password Reset – Added password reset to log in

NEW – June 29th
Audio – Add an audio file to each location in your Story Map.

NEW – June 29th
Social Sharing Image – upload your own image for social sharing

IMPROVED- June 19th, 2017
Editor Optimization – Major improvements to the editor’s responsiveness when adding and editing locations.

IMPROVED- June 13th, 2017
Caption and Credit For each image in the media gallery, you can add an image caption and/or image credit.

NEW – June 8th, 2017
Image Editor Control how your images are being displayed. Show full image or auto-crop to fit the area. Easily rotate images.

NEW – May 16, 2017
Show my location – Show the map user his/her location. Can be enabled/disabled from the editor

IMPROVED – May 10, 2017
Media Gallery – The photo and video interface in the editor has been completely redesigned and has been replaced by the new Media Gallery. Adding, sorting and managing photo/videos is now quick and easy

NEW- April 9, 2017
Image Overlay – Add image overlay on top of the map background

NEW – April 2, 2017
Video autoplay – Video now autoplay in mute mode on large screen. Click on the video to enable the sound.

IMPROVED – March 22, 2017
Slider optimization – Decrease loading time on desktop and mobile. Automatically optimize the number of cards displayed based on viewport (width and height of screen)

NEW – March 9, 2017
Play button – New play button in the navigation bar seamlessly move location by location through the story map

NEW – March 7, 2017
Navigation Control – New navigation bar added to the card design on large screens. Controls include:

  • Home
  • Previous
  • Next

NEW – March 5, 2017
Spinner – A spinner icon is displayed while the map is loading. The spinner is mostly viewed on slow mobile connections.

NEW – March 4, 2017
Interactive Overview  – The story map overview (Home) is now fully interactive. The map can be moved, zoomed in/out and clicking on a marker opens the story map to the relevant location.

NEW – February 27, 2017
Social Sharing Control – Enable or disable the social sharing buttons for both the story map and each location. Click for more info

IMPROVED – February 15, 2017
Preview Redesign – The preview area was completely redesigned to be more intuitive.

NEW – February 15, 2017
Card Style Layout for Large Screens
– The card style layout for a large screen is fully available.  It is the default layout for new story maps. The card style layout is fast and works smoothly with any number of locations. The card style design works now seamlessly across all devices.  Click here for more info

NEW – January 22, 2017
Draw Lines and shapes –  Powerful new feature to draw lines and shapes on the map. Click here for more info

NEW – January 14, 2017
Support for Arabic and Hebrew – Providing now support for RTL (right-to-left) languages such as Arabic and Hebrew. Click here for more info

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