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Print your map

In addition to sharing your interactive maps online, you can also generate high-resolution images of your maps that are suitable for high-quality printing.

Images are generated in the PNG format at either standard or high resolution.

By default, the print will generate an image file of the map overview. However, you can also specify any map URL such as a category or a location URL.

Image file resolution

We offer 3 file resolution options

Standard resolution
This generates files with a resolution of 1920px by 1320px which are suitable for presentations like PowerPoint and PDF as well as small size print.

High resolution
This generates files with 4K resolution suitable for large dimension high-quality printing. The high-resolution print feature is available in the Pro+ plan and above.

Custom resolution
With this option, you select the browser viewport size. The image file resolution will be twice the viewport dimensions with the builtin retina screenshot.

Customizing the map for printing

You can customize your print version by:

  • Adjusting the map view
  • Hiding the content panel
  • Applying custom CSS

The image file generated always reflects the latest published version of your map which might be different from the preview in the editor. Make sure you publish the map after you make changes.

Adjusting the map view

You can adjust the view for the map overview as well as for each location. The view editor lets you set:

  • the map center (overview)
  • the map zoom level
  • the map rotation (bearing)
  • the map pitch (tilt)

Hiding the content panel

For some print use cases, you might want to entirely hide the content panel and only show the map. You can hide the content panel by adding the parameter “showinfo=none” to the URL. Click here to learn more about it.

Custom CSS

You can apply custom CSS to generate a print-friendly version of your map. For example, you can hide elements like the info tab and the zoom buttons. You can also create a print-friendly list legend. We created an example of a custom CSS template for printing.

real estate site search print example

Printing your map

To access the Print feature, click on the Print button in the menu.

Use the default setting which will generate a print file of the overview or click on “Select View” and enter a specific URL.

To start generating the print file, click on the orange spinning wheel.

It takes up to 15 seconds to generate the high-resolution image file

When the image is ready, you can click on the link, save the image file, and use it in your presentations or with any print program.

If you use your map in print, make sure you must follow our terms of use.


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