Mapme for Commercial Real Estate

Easy to use map builder for commercial real estate professionals

Create beautiful interactive maps of your property listings and your development projects.

  • Add photos, videos, PDF, and 360 tours
  • Highlight valuable amenities around properties
  • Create lead generation Call-to-Action directly on your map

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Community Map

Highlight valuable amenities around the properties you are selling or leasing. Tell your customers the story of your properties and their surroundings. Check live example

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Portfolio Map

Create a beautiful portfolio of your properties or development projects. Organize your projects by categories and automatically generate filters. Check live example

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Research Map

Stand out and create beautiful and actionable research maps to help your customers make better business decisions for their real estate strategy. Check live example

PDF, 360, 3D and VR tours

Add PDF and advanced media like 3D, 360 and VR  on your map
including the popular Matterport interactive 3D and VR showcase.

Categories and Filters

Easily organize your Map with categories and let your customers view the most relevant information.

Call for Actions

With the Action Button, create custom call for actions for each locations on your map. Mapme is powerful lead-generating marketing tool.

Mapme is a unique and amazing tool. We are displaying our whole development portfolio in a user-friendly format. Our customers love it and we enjoy creating the maps with the Mapme editor.
Connor Levesque

Marketing, Buzz Oates Management Services

Who uses Mapme?

Mapme is the most popular interactive map builder for Residential and Commercial Real-Estate. It is being used across a broad range of sectors such as office, retail, industrial space, raw land, warehouses and hotels.

Real estate professional using Mapme includes:

  • Property developers, builders and property managers
  • Cities and local development authorities
  • Brokerage firms, teams, solo agents. See Mapme for Commercial real estate.

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