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How to Create your Interactive Map

The Mapme editor makes it fast and easy to create your interactive maps. No programming or coding knowledge is needed. Check out our introduction tutorial below:

Map Overview

Think about it as a book cover. You can add:

  • Your map Title
  • Description (optional) – we recommend keeping it short
  • Logo/image (optional)
  • Credit (optional) – creator name and link
  • Map view – generated automatically once you start entering locations


Add locations to your map. Each location will show a marker on the map as well as its related content (description, images, videos and more).

You can add locations one by one in the editor or use the import feature to add many locations at once. Locations can include the following information

  • Location Name
  • Address and View
  • Descriptions with links and simple formatting (italic, bold…)  or advanced customization using HTML and CSS
  • Media such as images, PDF’s, videos, audios, 360 tours, webcams…
  • Action Button – call for action that section (e.g. Book Now)
  • Drawings

You can easily change the order of the locations by dragging them.


Your map is autosaved. At any time, you can use the publish button to access the different publishing options:


There are a wealth of customization options available including

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