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Styling your map with HTML and CSS

Mapme lets you build amazing interactive maps without coding, design or GIS expertise.

The Mapme platform is easy to use, powerful and flexible, and it covers a broad range of interactive map use cases.

To further customize your map style, Mapme provides some advanced customization and styling options with HTML and CSS.

Styling your map with HTML

You can use HTML to style the overview and all the sections descriptions of your map.

HTML code can be used to customize the descriptions on your map beyond the standard formatting options (bold, italic and bullet points). For example, you can now add colors, buttons, different fonts size and much more to your descriptions in the map overview and sections.

You can toggle between the Visual editor and the HTML editor using the “code” icon below the description.

The HTML editor will validate your HTML and indicate if there are some issues. We highly recommend that you don’t publish a map with invalid HTML code.

You can use the custom CSS feature to create CSS classes to use with the HTML code. In fact, we recommend that option in order to create clean and easy to maintain HTML code.

html map editor

Customizing your map with CSS

With CSS, you can virtually customize all the elements of your map such as buttons, fonts, and colors

To learn more about CSS customization for your map click here. We also provide some examples of custom CSS files.


We recommend that you have some HTML knowledge before adding custom CSS and HTML code.

Adding custom HTML and CSS code to your map falls outside of the scope of Mapme support.

Mapme offers professional services from specialists who are experts on adding CSS and HTML on our maps. If you are interested, please contact us.


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