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Location View Editor

WIth Mapme, you can precisely control the view for each location. You can set how the map will look like when a location is selected.

The location view editor includes

  • Zoom level – adjust the zoom level with the zoom control or enter a zoom level value. The zoom value ranges from 1 to 22
  • 3D effect –  adjust the pitch or angle of the map. The value ranges from 0 to 60 degrees.
  • Orientation –  Use the bearing compass tool to change the orientation of the map
  • Location – manually adjust the location of the marker on the map. Learn more

Use Cases

If you want to provide a high level of details for a location, choose a high zoom level, for example, 18.

If you rather show a large area around a location, select a lower zoom level, for example, 12 and set the 3D effect to the maximum value of 60.

How does it work

  • Click on “Edit Location View” in the editor.
  •  Adjusting the location view
  • Your changes are autosaved



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