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Commercial real-estate

Neighborhood map guide highlightss the amenities near an office building for lease.


Available properties in completed and upcoming commercial real-estate projects.
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Site search for the lease of a medical office space.

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Residential real-estate

Experience map. Closed sales are organized by price range.

Neighborhood guide helps potential buyers discover the area around houses for sale.

Neighborhood map highlights the amenities nearby a residential complex.
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Project portfolio with 3D buildings, high resolution images and custom markers.
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Project gallery map organized by categories based on industry verticals.
Project portfolio with advanced filtering options.


Project portfolio organized by verticals. High resolution images and custom markers.
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120 iconic projects map to celebrate the 120 years of a major architecture firm.
Architect firm portfolio map organized by type of projects.

Non-profit and NGO

Resource map helps find the closest local service providers.


Portfolio map for community support and environmental research projects.
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Community driven innovation map. Projects are organized by years and categories.

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Cities and States

New public project map with an image overlay and crowdsourced feedback form.


Map created by a film commission to highlight the locations of famous movies.
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City technology ecosystem map. Members are organized by categories.
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This downtown map guides visitors through the neighborhood myriads of small businesses.
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Interactive downtown map to explore attractions, restaurants, shops, and more!
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This Mainstreet guide highlights outdoor adventures, unique shops, and dining.

Parks and nature


National heritage area map with attractions and historic places to visit.
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National park map with amenities, trails and visual markers for guidance.

Portfolio maps featuring lands, parks, and trails projects for an annual report.
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Universities and Colleges

University of Tulsa

Campus map with 3D buildings, videos, photos, and interactive views.
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Beacon College
The map features the main campus buildings as well as buildings in the surrounding town.
The campus map offers prospective students Matterport 360 walk-through.
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Schools (K-12)

Campus map with 360 images of the school’s buildings.
Guided tour of the upper school campus.
Guided tour of the school building and the athletics facilities.
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Events maps


Virtual vendor village for an online fundraiser event. The map is based on an illustration.
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The map captures World MS Day reach and action across the globe.
City-wide event map with categorized location and a futuristic style basemap.
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Interactive Tours

Day tour interactive shows transportation mode between each location.

Interactive map shows day-by-day tour locations and activities.


Interactive tour of city district with voice narration for each stop on the tour.

Stores/Dealers Locator

Locations of retail outlets organized by type of stores.

Retailer locations map for a brand with stores around the globe.

Dealers map organized and searchable by type of products.

B2C branding maps

Sustainability map as a transparency tool to communicates brand initiatives.
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Brand lovers map with community crowdsourced content.


Portfolio map shows the location of the different company brands.