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Draw shapes and Lines

Mapme provides a powerful feature to add drawings of shapes and lines on your interactive maps.

Drawings are now part of the Custom Map Layers feature. Therefore, drawings are very flexible and can be added to:

  • The map overview
  • The categories
  • Individual locations

Check this example that highlights some of the new capabilities of the Custom Map Layer drawings.

Add drawing to the map

There are 2 ways you can add drawings to your map

  • Manually draw on the map using the drawings tools
  • Import file with drawings (KML or GPX)

Draw on the map

To draw shapes or lines on the map, open the “Custom map layers” in the relevant context (overview or category, or location)

  • Create a new layer
  • Give a name to the drawing
  • Click on “Draw on the Map”
  • Select either the line tool or the shape tool

We recommend expanding the map to make it easier to draw. Use the red button in the bottom right-hand corner.


Customizing the drawing styles

Customize the color and opacity

You can change the drawing color and opacity using the color selector.

You can only have one color per drawing layer. If you need drawing with different colors, simply create multiple drawing layers.

Advanced line and shape Styling

You can customize the style of the lines or shapes using our advanced style editor.

For example, you can customize the line width, shape borders, and a lot more.

Click here to learn more about how to customize line and shape styles using our JSON editor.


Drawing Interactivity

By default, your drawings are clickable. However, you can set them to be not interactive.
When a drawing is clickable, the outcome of a click or tap depends on the drawing context:

  • Drawings in the overview –  the map will go to the overview
  • Drawings in categories – the map will open the associated category
  • Drawings in locations – the map will open the associated location

Note that if a drawing is associated with several categories or locations, the map will go to the first category or location.

    Drawing display rules

    For each map context, you can choose when drawings will display.

    Overview Context

    When Selected – the drawing is visible only when the map overview is selected.

    When on Map – the drawings are always visible.

    Category Context

    When Selected – the drawings are visible only when the category is selected.

    When on Map – the drawings are visible when the category is on the map (overview or category selected).

    Location Context

    When Selected – the drawings are visible only when the location is selected.

    When on Map – the drawings are visible when the location is on the map (overview or category or location selected


    Drawings order

    If you add multiple drawing layers, the drawings will display in the order of the layers. The first layer will display first and therefore the last layers will display on top.

    References List

    If you assign a drawing to multiple categories or locations, you can view a list of all the categories and locations that have been assigned to a drawing.



    Connecting Lines Between Markers

    Mapme also provides a feature to automatically draw connecting lines between markers. Learn more.

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