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The Marker Customization Guide

Mapme provides a powerful tool to customize your map markers anyway you want. Make sure to also review our best practices on how to create great markers.

You have 2 options to add markers on your map:

marker examples

Mapme Generated Markers

Mapme provides a powerful editor to create markers. The marker editor offers a broad choice of customization options.


Marker Size

The default marker size is 40px. You can adjust it using the sizing slider. The range is 15px to 150px

Background Shapes

You can choose between 3 types of background shapes:

Circle  Pin Floating*

*  If you choose “Floating”, the icon selected will appear on the map without any background shape.

Marker Content

You can select the following type of content for your marker

Consecutive numbers based on the sorting order
Enter text with letters or numbers
Search and choose from our huge icon library
No content. Only the background shape will be displayed

* For the text content option, you can use uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, spaces, and symbols. Up to 30 characters.

Content size

You can adjust the content size within the marker background. This is useful to achieve the perfect fit of icons within the shape of the marker.

Content Color

When you select the shape of a marker, the icon color will automatically be adjusted to black or white in order to best fit the color of the marker background shape.

With the floating marker, you can select any color you want for the icon.

Image Markers

You can easily use your own images as markers.  Check this example

Simply upload the image file to be used as a marker. We recommend using an image with a square aspect ratio and maximum size of 150px by 150px

Image size

The image marker is square and the default size is 40px*40px

You can control the image marker size using the sizing slider. The range is 15px to 150px.

In order for the markers to look sharp, we recommend you upload an image with a resolution the size of your marker size.

Halo and pop-up color

When a location is selected, the marker displays a halo and pop-up to make it stand out. On a desktop, this is also available on mouse-over

By default, we automatically generate a color based on the main color of the image marker.

You can overwrite that color and select your own color for the halo and the pop-up.


Image File Type

The image type supported includes GIF, PNG, and JPG.

You can use images with a transparent background (gif or png)

If you would like to use animated GIF, enable the option for animated GIF support. This option will prevent image processing when the image is uploaded. With this option, the marker size cannot be change.

Default and custom markers

For each location on your map, you can choose to display the default category marker or use a custom marker.

The custom marker can be from any type except numbering.

See example.

Markers display rules

Mapme provides advanced features to control the display and behavior of markers. Learn more.

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