Mapme for Crowdsourced Maps

Connect your map with form builders like Google Forms to populate your map with user-generated content.

Your community is filled with meaningful content, personal stories, and unique experiences that are waiting to be shared.

Track the collective impact of your organization using powerful user-generated content, visually displayed to emphasize scale and scope.

Empower your tribe to share their authentic experiences and feel more connected, while increasing engagement in your map & content.


    Popular use cases for Crowdsourced Maps


    Event participant map

    Hosting a virtual event or conference? Allow attendees to easily & visually display who they are and where they’re from, along with their interests. The result? A living, interactive map where guests can network and see the global footprint of the event.

    Check this live example from the American Diabetes Association.

    Campaign Impact map

    Your community, and your cause, are stronger in numbers. Weave together the impactful stories, fundraising activities, and resources of your community to increase awareness and raise funds for a common cause.

    View this live map example from World MS Day.

    Startup Ecosystem map

    Tech startups thrive in a collaborative, connected community. Build a map of your local startup ecosystem for improved visibility, knowledge-sharing, access to talent and capital, and so much more.

    Dive into St. Louis’ startup ecosystem.

    Customer Experience map

    Your products are enjoyed in countless ways by countless fans. Collect stories, testimonials, photos & videos from your top customers and brand ambassadors around the world.

    Browse through this collection of user-submitted photos of Rad Power Bikes.

    Public project feedback map

    Consulting with constituents is essential to understanding the sentiment and impact of a project. Build an interactive map to collect community feedback for an existing or planned public project.

    Learn how feedback maps benefit public projects

    How to create crowdsourced maps?

    With Mapme, you can leverage form builders like Google forms, Jotform or Typeform to crowdsource and collect user-generated content for your map.

    Mapme provides 2 solutions to add user-generated content to your map.

    Batch Import

    The data collected from the form submissions are batch imported using the Mapme Import feature.

    Mapme API

    The form submissions are sent in real-time to the map using the Mapme API. Check the Google Form integration with the Mapme API.

    Crowdsourced Content Moderation

    You can easily moderate your new user generated content. For example, you can either approve or reject new submissions before they go live on the map.

    In addition, you can also choose to have the form submissions go live automatically without moderation.

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