Crowdsource Map

Crowdsourced mapping, also called crowdmapping is when users add content to a map.

The user-generated content leads to higher user engagement with the map.

With Mapme, you can easily create crowdsource maps.

A typical example of map crowdsourcing is when users add their locations and information about themselves on a map.


    Popular use cases

    There are many different applications for crowdsourcing map. Here are some popular use cases.

    Event participant map

    Attendants of an online conference or virtual event provide information about where they are from and about themselves. The crowdsourced map shows the footprint of the audience and helps attendants to network.
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    Campaign map

    Community share stories, activities, and resources to increase awareness and raise funds for a common cause.
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    Startup Ecosystem map

    Members of a tech ecosystem can join the community by adding themselves to the map. The map becomes a valuable resource for the community.
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    Community photos map

    Customers who purchased a product or service provide their location, photos and describe how they use it or why they love it.
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    Public project feedback map

    The map highlights different locations of an existing or a planned public project. The crowdsourced map is used to collect community feedback on the project.
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    How it works?

    With Mapme, you can use form builders like Google forms, Jotform or Typeform to crowdsource and collect user-generated content for your map.

    We offer 2 options to add the user-generated content on your map

    • Batch import of the user-generated content using the Import Feature, or
    • Send the user-generated content in real-time to the map using the Mapme API

    If you choose to send the crowdsourced data in real-time, you can choose to have the data go live automatically. Alternatively, you might want to first moderate the new submissions and if the new content adheres to your guidelines, publish it to the live map.

    Click here to learn more about Google Form integration with the Mapme API.

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