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Map social network sharing

Your maps can easily be shared on social media networks as well as by email.

The maps can be shared by:

  • The map creators – from the editor by opening the Share menu
  • Anyone viewing the map – from the map overview and locations

The following social sharing networks are available on the map overview and each location.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Whatsapp

In addition, you can also share the map directly from your Instagram account.

Section Sharing

Social sharing is available both at the story map level as well as for each location. When a user shares a specific location, the sharing link will go directly to that location.

Social sharing image

Images have a big impact on social sharing and can have a major influence on the popularity of a post on social media networks like Facebook.

Mapme provides 2 options for social sharing images.


After you publish your map, you can select the option to take a screenshot of the map. This image will automatically be included for social sharing.

If you make additional changes to your map and want those changes to be reflected in the social sharing image, you can refresh the screenshot.

Note: it can take a few minutes for the screenshot to be available for social media sharing.

Custom Image

You can customize how the sharing in social media will look by uploading an image in the “custom” section. This image will be the cover people will see instead of seeing the default view of the map.

Note: it can take a few minutes for the custom image to be available for social media sharing.

Disable Social Sharing

By default, social sharing is enabled for both the map overview and each location. You can disable either or both.

To disable sharing go to “Share” in the editor and disable “Show social sharing buttons on the overview” / “Show social sharing buttons on each location”


Social Sharing for Embedded Map

The toolbar social sharing button is not available in the embedded map. If you embed your map on your website, we recommend providing social sharing options in the webpage where the map is embedded. 

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