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Basemap Styles

You can easily change the style of your map. You can choose from a broad selection of custom map styles or even use your own custom map styles.

To change your map style, in the editor, click on Settings and select the map background of your choice. Basemaps availability depends on your account level.


Style NameColorDescription
Streetsfull colorBeautiful and versatilemap-style-street
Naturefull colorNature mapmap-style-bike
Darkblack & whiteHigh contrast, cleanmap-style-toner
Liteblack & whiteLow contrast, lite, cleanmap-style-toner-lite
Satellitefull colorGlobal satellite and aerial imagerymap-style-satellite
Standard full colorAutomotive retro syle
Decimal2 ColorsControl panel Style
North Star full colorClassical nautical style
Terminal full colorFuturistic map style
Vintage2 colorsStyles like old-school maps
ScenicFull ColorSimple and bright colors
Odyssey2 colorsRetro-futuristic style
Frozen Yogurt2 colorsMuted palette
Ice Cream2 colorsMuted palette
WickaFull ColorModern graphic design
Ukiyo-eFull ColorJapanese 17th century style
Lè ShineFull ColorRestrained color palettele-shine basemap
Heads-upFull ColorMix of digital world and real worldheadsup basemap
Picture BookFull ColorFun cartoon-like design

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