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Action Button

With the Action Button, you can easily create call-to-actions (CTA) on your interactive maps.

You can add call-to-actions buttons:

  • on the map overview
  • on each location

Why use Action Buttons

The action button provides a clear call-to-actions for your visitors and can help convert your audiences toward your goals.

Here are some common examples of call to actions:

  • Visit Website
  • Buy now
  • Book Now
  • Learn More
  • Contact Us
  • Set Appointment
  • Add a Location

With the Action Button, you can decide how you would like the user to interact with your call-to-action on your map:

  • A new tab
  • The same tab as the map
  • Modal (window on top of the map)

The modal option lets you open any content on the map. For example, you can open a website within your interactive map.

How it works

You can set a different Action Button for each location.

Button Link – enter a url starting with http:// or https. If you use the lightbox option, https is required.
Button label – Enter the call-to-action text. If you leave it empty, the default is “Learn More”
Select the opening mode (new tab, same tab, modal)



With the custom CSS feature, you can customize the design of the Action button.

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