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Map markers override

When locations are assigned to multiple categories or subcategories, it can be challenging to display a meaningful marker. The default marker that Mapme displays might not be what you and your map viewers expect.

In order to provide a more intuitive user experience, Mapme lets you override the default behavior.

Override all markers on the map

You can override all the markers on the map with a unique marker of your choice.

The markers you defined for each category and subcategory will still be displayed in the legend on the map overview as well as in the list legend.

Check this map example

Set markers for overview and filtered views

For maps with multilevel categories, you can set which marker is displayed on the map overview and filtered views.

For both the map overview and the filtered views, you can choose to display the parent category or the subcategory markers.

We choose default settings which are a good match for most use cases:

  • Parent category marker on the map overview
  • Subcategory marker on the filtered views

Note that if a location belongs to multiple parents or subcategories, we display the marker from the first category or subcategory in the list.

Check this example. Select all the hotels to see the markers displayed on the map in the filtered view.

How it works

The marker override feature is located at the bottom of the Category tab.

Override all markers

To override all the markers on the map, check the marker override option.

You can use the marker editor to create a custom marker or upload your own image marker.

Set markers for overview and filtered views

Select which marker to display for the map overview and the filtered views.

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