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Add line & shape drawings with GPX and KML files import

With Mapme you can draw lines and shapes on your map using our powerful drawing tools.

However, there are use cases where manually drawing on the map is not practical. For example, drawing a detailed route between 2 cities would be both very times consuming and difficult.

Therefore, Mapme lets you add on your map drawings of lines and shapes by importing GPX or KML files.

Once you have imported the drawings, you can edit them using the Mapme drawing tools.

You can also apply styles to the lines and shapes such as line width, color, transparency, and more…

How does it work

Get your GPPX or KML file

You first need to get a GPX or KML file.

Most GPS navigation applications let you export GPX files.

The KML format is the export default format for Goole map applications, for example, you can export KML from Google Earth.

You can also generate KML files by converting other GIS formats to KML. For example, you can convert Shapefiles (.shp) to the KML format.

We recommend keeping the KML or GPX files as small as possible, especially if you are planning to edit the drawings in Mapme.  There are many utilities available to simplify and optimize GPX and KML files.

Import the file

Import the file by selecting it on your computer using the import interface. Keep in mind that the import will replace any drawings you might already have for that location.


File types supported

GPX and KML come in many different flavors. Here are the type we are currently supporting

For GPX files we support

  • Tracks
  • Routes

For KML files, we support

  • LineString
  • Polygon
  • MultiPolygon
  • MultiLineString
  • MultiGeometry

There is a 100KB limit on the size of the KML and GPX files you can import. You can leverage online tools like Mapshaper to simplify the geometry and significantly decrease your file size.

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