Map autoplay mode

In autoplay mode, your map will automatically advance from one location to the other.

When displayed on a large monitor, the map autoplay mode is a great way to engage viewers. The autoplay mode is ideal to show story maps continuously in places such as at a conference, museum, or visitors’ center.

The autoplay mode is especially useful for maps with a flow such as portfolio maps or timeline maps.

You can try the autoplay mode on this demo map.

How to start the autoplay mode

To start the autoplay mode on your map, simply add at the end of a map section URL “?autoplay=1”.

For example:

The autoplay mode will only start when you are in the location detail mode. It will not run in the list mode.

How to set the playback speed

You can set the autoplay mode playback speed in the editor. We recommend a minimum of 10 seconds for the playback speed.
Go to Settings > Map Settings > Autoplay mode
The time is set in seconds.


Animation between locations

For the best visual effect on your map, we recommend setting the transition animation style between locations to “Ease” or Fly” mode.

Note: the autoplay mode is only supported on card mode on desktop. It is not supported in list mode, on mobile, or in small embed frames (single card).


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