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Add a search box to your map

You can add a search box to your interactive map in order for your visitors to quickly and easily discover your map content.

The search field is located in the top toolbar of the map content panel.

When entering a keyword search, results are immediately displayed in a list by order of relevance. The map zoom and center will change in order to include all the search results.

The Search uses the text content from the locations you entered in your map:

  • title
  • description
  • addresses
  • image caption and credit

Search Engine Results

Users need to enter a least 3 characters in order to return search results.

The built-in map search engine uses fuzzy search (approximate matching) and will return results that are similar to the keyword search by order of relevance.

For an exact keyword search, you will need to use quotes around the search term e.g. “New York”.


The search returns results are based on the map content. Mapme also offers a geosearch feature that returns results based on addresses, zip codes or place names that are not part of the map content. Check the Geosearch.

Search Placeholder Hint

You can choose to add a placeholder hint in the search field to help your map viewers leverage the search. For example, you can suggest how your map viewer should use the search e.g. “Search by country name”.

Go to Settings > Layout > Search and enable the feature “Add Map Search”

Making Map Search successful

Like any search engine, the map content search results are based on your map’s content quality. To improve the results, we recommend using descriptive titles, descriptions, and captions.

Click here to try it live


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