Everybody loves the holidays. Holidays bring joy, smiles, camaraderie, and fulfillment to religious and cultural communities across the world.

During holiday seasons, cities, community associations, and local businesses often put on fun and celebratory community-building events such as sales, candle lightings, tree displays, neighborhood light tours, festive music concerts, and more. Imagine how useful it could be to the planners of such events if they had a way to plot all of the seasonal and holiday events on one map, for residents to see, share, and enjoy. Community leaders and residents alike can show their holiday spirit by planning, sharing, and attending various seasonal and holiday-related events and activities, all using Mapme!

Christmas Map Ideas

Create a Nativity Story Neighborhood Walk that highlights important parts of holiday stories and tales while connecting citizens with their community.


Create a Christmas Lights Locator that pins various homes with notable decorations and holiday spirit! Consider adding a drawn route to optimize the walk for Christmas celebrators.

Halloween Map Ideas

Create a Trick or Treat Route to maximize the amount of candies children can collect and of haunted houses Halloween celebrators can visit!

holiday map halloween2

Create a Halloween Event Map organized by date, type of event, map, or activity. Attach a form to your map using the call-to-action feature so members of the community can add their houses and other events to the map!


Easter Map Ideas

Create an Easter Egg Hunt map to show spots along a route where members of the community can go egg hunting.

Gift Guide Map Ideas

Create a Gift Guide map to highlight recommended stores for holiday gifts and help gift-givers to support local businesses! Consider adding details about the store, hours of operation, website, types of gifts, and more.

Best Practices for Seasonal/Holiday Maps

Images, Videos, and Color

  • Bring your map to life with photos and videos (for example, include holiday-related photographs)
  • Be sure to use seasonal colors to make the map pop


  • Use categories (holiday, season, type of activity, etc.) that allow your visitors to easily filter in order to find exactly the information they’re looking for


  • Highlight businesses offering special promotions or sales
  • Showcase the variety of holiday-related events happening in your community


  • Help activate the holiday spirit by showcasing opportunities to give back to the community


  • Add direction links
  • Show visitors’ locations live on the map so they can see what’s nearby and easily navigate to their desired destination

Share your map

Draw in a larger audience by featuring your downtown map on your city’s website, Facebook, and other social media pages. Go one step further by including a QR code on brochures or poster ads

How to use Mapme to create seasonal and holiday Maps?

Mapme makes it easy to create interactive seasonal and holiday maps. No coding or technical skills are needed.

For each location, you can include a description,  images, audio, and videos.

You can also easily draw a route to guide visitors through the different locations.

And of course, you can easily embed the map on your website and share it via social media.