Form builders are very useful to collect information from your map viewers.

For example, you can use forms to crowdsource content for your map or to collect feedback about locations on your map.

Where can you add forms on your map?

Using the Action Button, you can add a form to the map overview as well as forms to each location.

You can use a different form for each location.

We recommend opening your forms as modals on the map so the map user stays in the map context.

Which form builders should you use?

You can use virtually any form builders with the Action Button on your map.  We looked at 3 popular form builders’ pros and cons and how they work with Mapme.


Jotform stands out by offering a very extensive template library and a very large number of widgets that you can insert in your forms.

For example, if you are collecting feedback about locations on your map, you can leverage the star rating or scale rating widgets.

Jotform also includes a powerful file upload field if you want to crowdsource images or PDf files.

On the other hand, if you only need a very basic form, Jotform might be overkill.

Google Forms

Google Forms is a widely used online form and survey tool.

It is quick and easy to use. Customization of the look and feel is possible but limited.

However, users can only upload files if they are logged into Google. So if you want to collect images, Google Forms will not fit your needs.

On the other hand, if you only need basic forms, Google Forms service is a good option as it is free.

Note: if you are using Google Forms with the Mapme Action Button, use the full form URL. The shortened URL will not work.


Typeform has built its reputation as the form builder to create beautiful and intuitive forms.

The forms text is big and clear and the step-by-step approach makes it easy for users to go through the different questions.

Typeform also offers a robust file upload question for collecting photos as well as a star rating question to receive feedback.

Other form builders

We only covered a few of the many forms builders available. The are other excellent options around.

If you are not sure which form builder is the right solution for your use case, feel free to contact our support team.