With Mapme you can draw lines and shapes on your map using our powerful drawing tools.

However, there are use cases where manually drawing on the map is not practical. For example, drawing a detailed route between multiple cities would be both difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, Mapme lets import drawings from GPX or KML files. Check this example.

There are many solutions available online to generate GPX or KML files for routes between locations.


How to create a KML route with Google My Maps?

We will provide detailed instructions on how to generate a KML file with Google MyMaps directions layers.


  • Click on the directions icon to add a new layer


  • The new layer will contain two boxes where you can add the locations you wish to connect with a route.


  • Add the starting point of your route, for example, Paris
  • Enter the destination point, for example, Lyon
  • You can keep adding more destinations to your route (up to 10)


  • Once you add all the points, click on the 3 dots icon. There select “Export to KML/KMZ”


  • A new window will pop up. Select the directions layer you created first, then check the box to “Export as KML instead of KMZ” and finally click on download.


You now have a KML file you can import in the Mapme drawing tool to display a detailed and accurate route between locations.