If you would like to populate your map using crowdsourcing, you can easily add a form to your map overview with an Action Button.

You can use any form builders such as Jotform, Typeform, and Google Form to collect the information.

Mapme provides 2 different options to add the crowdsourced data to your map:

If you are using Google Forms, you can automate the process and send the Google form submissions directly to your map using the Mapme API.

You don’t need any programming skills to use the Mapme API with Google forms. Simply, follow our step by step guide.

Here are the main steps to set up your Google Form integration with your map

  1. Create your Google form
  2. Generate a Mapme API key
  3. Add the integration script to Google Form script editor
  4. Create the Google form trigger

1. Create your Google form

When you create your form in Google Forms the fields should include:

  • Location name
  • Address (optional)
  • Description (optional)
  • Website URL (optional)
  • Dropdown or checkboxes for categories selection (optional)
  • Latitude and longitude (optional)

You can also create additional fields and concatenate add them to the description field.

Instead of the user entering an address in the form, you can use the current location of the user as the address.

2. Generate a Mapme API key

In the top-right menu, select “API & Security”.

Choose a name for your application and generate a key. When you click ‘Generate’ the API key will be generated and appear below:

Copy the API key and save it temporarily. You will need it in the next step.

3. Add the integration script to Script editor

The next step is to add the integration script to your Google Form.

We provided 2 scripts options

  1. Form with one field for the location description. Copy/paste the script
  2. Form with multiple fields to be included in the location description. Copy/paste the script

In your Google Form editor, open the Script Editor and paste the relevant script.

You will now update the script with your own values as highlighted in the screenshot below.

You can find the values specific to your map as follow:

Paste the API key value generated in Step 2.

Story Id
This is the map unique ID. You can easily find it in your browser address bar

Categories Mapping

The Category-name value is the name of the categories in your Google Form drop-down or checkboxes.

The mapme-ID-of-category is the unique category ID in the Mapme platform. You can find it in your map editor. Open the Categories menu and select the relevant category.

For the category name, use the exact category name. It is case sensitive.

The category ID is the part of the URL in your browser address bar.

Important note: the script is assuming that you are using check boxes to select the categories. if you use a drop-down to select only one category, you will need to replace in the script
categoriesNames = response
categoriesNames = [response]

Field Names

The script is designed to work with generic name fields

  • Name – name of location
  • Address – address of location
  • Description – description of location
  • Categories – categories of location
  • WebsiteURL – action button URL

If you want to use different names for the fields in your Google Form, you will need to modify the following script section with the filed names you are using in the Google form. The field names are case sensitive.


Once you are done with updating all the values, Save the script.

Important note: if your form does not include a website URL for the Action Button, make sure to remove the following line:
callToAction: {url:”${websiteURL}“,title:”More Info”}

Auto-publish your map

By default the map will not auto-publish when new submissions are sent through the API. This gives the map owner the opportunity to moderate the new content before it goes live.

However, if you prefer to have the map auto-published after each submission, in the script, change 
const publishRequired = false
const publishRequired = true

4. Create a new Google form trigger

Go to Edit > Current Project’s Triggers

Create a new Trigger by clicking the button in the bottom right-hand corner

Add the following parameters to the Trigger and click Save.

If it’s the first time you are creating this trigger (which is most likely) you will be asked to give permissions to this trigger to work with your files.

You will then be warned the app isn’t verified. Click on Advanced at the bottom of the window:

Then ‘Go to Mapme API’:

And then Allow:

You can now test out your form. Once you fill your Google Form and submit it, a new location will appear on your map in the Mapme editor

It can take up to 1 minute for the data to appear in your Mapme editor.

You can now review the new form submissions. If you want the data to appear on your live map, publish it.