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How to cancel your Mapme Premium Plan

Your subscription automatically renews at the end of each billing cycle, whether that’s monthly or yearly.

You can cancel any time before this date. Your cancellation will take effect from the last date of this billing period.

If you need to cancel your Mapme subscription we’ll be sad to see you leave us, but we understand that’s how it goes sometimes!

We won’t refund or give credit for subscription canceled before reaching their end date.

What happens to my maps if I stop my subscription?

Your map’s content will stay safe and preserved in the Mapme editor for a minimum of 6 months.

The map will be in archive mode and not available publicly.

Note: If you want to completely delete all your accounts, you will need to delete your maps and let us know that you want us to delete your account information.

How to cancel a subscription?

To cancel your subscription

  • Log in to your account
  • In the top-right menu, select Billing
  • Click on the Cancel button and follow the instructions

Need help with canceling your subscription, contact us using the chat button.

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