We’re thrilled to announce the release of Custom Map Layers. This major new feature is available to all Mapme’s users. And we’re confident you’ll love it!

In the first release of customer map layers, we are providing support for drawings. In the future, custom map layers will be extended to additional types of content on the map such as 3D buildings and external layers from basemap editors like Mapbox Studio.

Why custom map layers for drawings

Until the release of custom map layers, drawings were added to the location details. This provided a simple way to add drawings to the map. However, because the drawings were tightly connected to those locations, it was not possible to control when drawings would appear on the map.

On the other hand, the new Custom Map Layers are available in all the different map context

  • The map overview
  • The categories
  • Individual locations

Therefore, you can now easily control when your drawings will appear on the map.

New controls for drawings

With Custom Map Layers, you now have a lot more control and flexibility with your drawings.


Display Options

You can now easily control when your drawings appear. Here are some examples:

  • Show drawings only when a specific location or a category is selected
  • Show drawings only in the map overview
  • Always show drawings

Drawing interactivity

You can choose for your drawings to be clickable or noninteractive (not clickable). For example, you can draw a route between locations and set it to noninteractive since you might not have any content associated with it.

Drawing order

If you add multiple drawing layers, you can control in which order your drawing will display. For example, if you add drawings that overlaps, you can choose with drawings display on top of the others.

Drawing opacity

You can easily control the opacity for each drawing. For example, if you want to highlight an area on the map, you can set a low opacity so the map details are still visible under the drawing.

Check it out for yourself!

Check this example that highlights some of the new capabilities of the Custom Map Layer drawings.

To learn more about drawings, visit the drawing shapes and lines guide.