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Embedding Stories on WordPress

This is a guide to embed Mapme in your WordPress site (self hosted). If your site is hosted with WordPress.com, check this.

Option 1: Visual Builder

If you are using a theme with a visual builder live Divi, there is usually a module or element to insert code. Simply copy and paste the Mapme code in the code or html module.

Option 2: Oembed

Mapme Story support Oembed. You can simply paste the your Map URL in your WordPress editor and it will automatically display the Mapme Story. This works similar to a Youtube video.

You must first whitelist Mapme as an Oembed provider. In order to do that, you need to copy and paste the following code snippet in your function.php file. In the WordPress editor, goto:
Appearance > Editor and select functions.php

Make sure you place this code within the <?php and ?>.

Copy and paste

/** * Register Mapme oEmbed provider */ function mapme_oembed_provider() {    wp_oembed_add_provider( ‘#https?://(story|stories).mapme\.com/.*#i’, ‘https://stories.mapme.com/services/oembed’, true ); } add_action( ‘init’, ‘mapme_oembed_provider’ );

Option 3: Plugin

If you are using a standard theme with no visual builder and do not want to edit the function.php file, you can use one of the many plugins available to insert the HTML code in a WordPress page or post.

Here are the instructions for the Easy Code Placement pluggin

  • Install the plugin
  • Go to Settings > Easy Code Placement
  • Click on “Add New Code”
  • Enter a name e.g. Mapme1
  • Copy and paste the Mapme code
  • Click Add (leave other settings as default)
  • Copy and past the shortcode in your WordPress page or post  (e.g. [ecp code=”iframe”] )



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