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You created an amazing Mapme Story, published it and/or shared it and would love to know how your Story performed.

As people start viewing and interacting with your Story, Mapme collects data and generate a real-time report for each Story so you can gain insights into your data.


Data points and graphs

  • Users: # of users who interacted with the Story and graph with time filter
  • Pin Views: # of pin viewed by the users with drill down to show distribution by pin
  • Shares: number of social shares with drill down graph to show distribution by share media (Facebook, Twitter…)
  • Clicks: number of clicks received on the Action Button

Performance indicators

  • Views/users: average number of views per user
  • Sharing rate: % of shares per user
  • CTR: % of Action Button click per user

You can easily set the date range for your reports.

Report is a feature available in the Pro+ account.


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