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How to Embed your Story

Our powerful embed features give you all the flexibility you need to embed your story maps the way you want it.

Smart Embed

The embed will adapt itself automatically based on the space available.

If there is sufficient space, the map will open in interactive mode.

If there is not enough space, the map overview will be displayed. When clicking on the overview, the story map will open full screen in interactive mode.

The embed is fully responsive on both desktop and mobile.

Click here to see different styles of embedded story maps based on space availability.

Embed Code

Simply copy and paste the embed code. You will find the embed code when you click on the button “Embed / Share / URL” in the top right of the editor.

The embed code includes a width and height parameters, By default, they are set to use 100% of the space available. You can set different width and height by changing the value in the embed code e.g   iframe-height=”475px” iframe-width=”575px”

Image Embed

If you would like to use your own image for the embed like for example a call for action button, click here to learn more.


You can find detailed instructions if your website is built with WordPress or WordPress.com



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