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How to Create Mapme Stories

The Editor Story makes it fast and easy to create your story maps. No programming or coding knowledge is needed.

Mapme Stories are organized into an Overview and Sections


The overview is the first part of the story map the user will see. It includes:

  • Title
  • Descriptions (optional) – we recommend keeping it short
  • Logo/image (optional)
  • Credit (optional) – creator name and link
  • Map overview – generated automatically once you start entering sections


Each section can show a different location on the map. Sections include:

  • Name
  • Address and View
  • Image/Video (optional) – include multiples images and add image credit or caption
  • Description – format the text with bold, italic as well as use links
  • Action Button (optional) – call for action that section (e.g. Book Now)

You can easily change the order of the sections by dragging them.


You can easily publish your story map at any time. Publishing options includes:


There are a wealth of customization options available including

The Mapme Story Editor


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