new-mapme-v2-smallSummer months often slow down production while most people are at the beach, but not at Mapme. These past few months, the whole team has been working incredibly hard to release Mapme V2, which releases the biggest changes to Mapme since we started a year ago.

After making the map experience beautiful, mobile friendly, and engaging for people visiting maps built through Mapme, we decided to shift our focus towards the map creators. All the changes we’ve made are to improve the map creator experience.

Focus on the map creator

We’ve rebuilt our platform from ground up so that the map creation, customization and management process are all as easy as possible. Starting today, anyone can create their own map; the process takes less than 2 minutes.

What’s changed

Say goodbye to our old, buggy, unreliable admin center for maps. We’ve transferred all of the map management controls to the map interface. We’ve given all the power to you, the map creator. You can customize almost every aspect of the map with one click of a button. Read the in depth overview here.

What’s Next?

Keep an eye out for more big improvements coming soon. We’re making the “add place” to map a faster, easier process. We’re also working on making the map import available to everyone. Mapme will only be getting better!

Want to get started? Create your map here. Or manage your maps here.

Want more info? Read the in depth tutorial here.