MapJLM is a crowdsourced map that revolves around community building, serving as a community resource. MapJLM allows both residents and visitors of Jerusalem to locate shops, businesses and services for their everyday needs.

MapJLM is launched by Janglo, which itself is a community information resource. Janglo was originally a Yahoo group, but grew into a full-fledged websites that serves as the largest info source for Israel’s Anglo community.

Janglo is used by hundreds of businesses and independent users to post and share information on jobs, housing, sales, events, deals, news and businesses.

By creating a crowdsourced map of the same services and locations that they advertise on their site, Janglo becomes one step closer to the long list of people who use the site each day. On average, the Janglo site gets 150,000 visits per month from around Israel — that’s a lot of people who could be helped by the MapJLM!

Mapme and Janglo share a common goal — we both want to provide internet users with a simple, easy way of getting the info they need in order to get to the right places.

Because there are so many great things in Israel, Janglo serves such a great purpose in bringing knowledge to people who always want to know more.

You can see the MapJLM below, and you’re always welcome to add your own locations as you see fit.