The Canadian Startup Map is a joint initiative between Qoints and Toronto incubator, INcubes, which launched in early September. Using Mapme as a platform, the Canadian Startup Map is a collection of over 800 accelerators, startups, investors, and services in the Canadian startup ecosystem (and growing), providing both visual reference and important contact information into one place.

BetaKit, the front page of the Canadian startup community is acting as the map’s host. This provides significant credibility as well as new traffic. More than 200 new places have been added to the map since the public launch just a few weeks ago.

The Canadian Startup Map is a public resource for all members of the Canadian Startup community. We believe the data collected will enable great research and insights into the health of the Canadian startup ecosystem.

We also believe in the openness and sharing of that information. Mapme, creators of the mapping software that powers the Canadian Startup map, also believes in open data and supports our mission. Any feedback the community is willing to provide for how data should be collected, organized, and shared on the Canadian Startup Map is greatly welcome, as we work to enhance the map and learn more about the state of the Canadian startup space.

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