6 Free Tools For Creating Your Own Maps

That old adage is truer than ever- it’s all about location.. And when it comes to the current tech ecosystem, location-based apps and services are par for the course, and for good reason.

Israeli Mapped in Boston

Our very own evangelist, Guy Franklin, founded “Israeli Mapped in Boston” (the second of its kind, after Franklin founded “Israeli Mapped in NY” in 2013.


MapJLM is a crowdsourced map that revolves around community building, serving as a community resource.

The All New Mapme

111Summer months often slow down production while most people are at the beach, but not at Mapme.

Canadian Startup Map

The Canadian Startup Map is a joint initiative between Qoints and Toronto incubator, INcubes, which launched in early September.

Israeli Mapped in NY

Israeli Mapped in NY is a powerful, crowdsourced map showing you the Israeli startup companies that established a base in New York City.

Santiago Startup Map

Santiago map is a powerful, crowdsourced map displaying startup companies, accelerators, investors, services, coworking and hackerspaces in Santiago.